TOCA® Anti Surveillance Kit


The ultimate Anti Surveillance kit providing you with three layers of security - no signal faraday cage phone sleeve, microphone blocker and webcam cover. Stay safe in these challenging times.

No Signal Sleeve

This anti-radiation, anti-surveillance, anti-distraction faraday cage designed to fit all standard smartphones. It is a very lightweight and easy to use sleeve that you can secure your phone in and then slip into your pocket, put into your bag or clip onto your belt.

There are many side effects of excessive smartphone use. The TOCA® No Signal Sleeve protects the human body from harmful radiation, secures privacy and helps against the constant distraction making you feel better when not using your phone.

Once your phone is inside the TOCA® No Signal case it protects your body from any radiation by blocking GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth NFC. It is claimed to be 100% radiation free & anti-surveillance.

Mic Blocker

Keep your conversations private with the TOCA® Microphone blocking device (3.5mm) for Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktop Computers.

Plug this simple but effective device into your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop 3.5mm input and it blocks the audio.

It secures your device's microphone input by blocking incoming signals and prevents cyber attackers from using your microphone to listen in on you.

Webcam cover

The TOCA® Webcam Cover Slide (3-pack) provides  ultimate camera privacy on your phones, tablets and laptops.

Simply stick the TOCA® Webcam Cover Slide over your phone, tablet or laptop camera. When you want to use your camera, simply slide with your finger to open or close the little "window blackout" in front of your webcam, so you have the control when to be seen or not.

These camera covers are easy to install - simply align to your webcam, attach and press firmly for 15 seconds. It does not damage your device in any way and can easily be removed if needed.

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