SaunaSpace® ThermaLight Bulb


The ThermaLight™ bulb from SaunaSpace is the first-ever near infrared incandescent bulb designed entirely with health in mind

Demand has increased fulfilment time on these handcrafted goods. Orders for this product will take approximately 1 week to ship.

Artisan-made using a mouth-blown process dating back to 50 B.C.

Featurin custom-made tungsten filament that delivers 3-5x more red & near infrared irradiance than any other bulb currently on the market, all through a beautiful red-stained hard glass.

The Science - Health Benefits

The SaunaSpace ThermaLight Bulb has a uniquely designed filament that delivers a more ideal emission spectrum than standard incandescent heat lamp models and delivers two major advantages for the user.

MORE LIGHT THERAPY: a higher percentage of both photobiomodulation wavelengths red (600 – 700nm) & near infrared (700-1000nm)

BETTER HEAT THERAPY: a higher percentage deep penetrating radiant-heating wavelengths (1000-1500nm).


    • Next Level Red & Near Infrared Irradiance
    • Designed to be safe, easy, and versatile
    • Standard heat lamp bulbs emit about 50% less red and near infrared wavelengths
    • Up to 5000hr life span

    Technical Details

    Length 15.2 cm
    Width 12.7 cm
    Electrical Information
    Wattage 250 Watt
    up to 5000 hr
    Light Type
    Mouth-Blown, Hand-Rolled Red-Stained Tempered Glass


    How is this different from other heat lamp bulbs?

    ThermaLight™ delivers more light therapy and more heat therapy per watt than any other incandescent heat lamp bulb available. The glass is beautifully mouth-blown, hand-rolled red-stained hard glass for the most amazing dark red hues and extreme durability.

    Why are ThermaLight™ bulbs hotter?

    ThermaLight™ bulbs put out more near infrared energy.

    In Nature, the higher temperature an incandescent light source is, the more near infrared is emitted.

    The Sun is ~5500K, and therefore has ~41% near infrared emission. 

    The ThermaLight™ bulb’s filament is ~2450K and therefore has 39% near infrared emission.

    The candle flame is ~1800K and has ~20% near infrared emission.

    The trend in Nature is that the hotter the incandescence, the higher percent emission of near infrared.

    How safe is the light?

    Infrared is very safe, it is used to keep newborn babies warm in hospital.

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