BlocFilm™ Bronze 35 EMF Protection Window Film


BlocFilm™ Bronze is the perfect solution for shielding against Wifi and EMFs.

NOTE: This EMF shielding film is sold in units of 1.52m (5') x 1.52m (5') lengths.

Why BlocFilm™ Bronze?

BlocFilm™ Bronze EMF protection window shielding provides EMF shielding from wireless technologies. it is easy to fit and comes with a 10 year warranty if fitted by a professional installer.

What to use it for

Suitable for domestic and windows this film offers a good amount of shielding. If you can hang wallpaper you should be able to fit this EMF protection window film.

BlocFilm™ Bronze EMF Shielding Graph

BlocFilm Bronze EMF Shielding Graph

Product Description Summary



Fabric name

BlocFilm™ Bronze 35




Wipe clean only

Sales Unit

Cost per Unit

Material Unit

152cm (5') x 152cm (5')

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