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The Parent’s Guide to Reducing Screen Time (and what to do with your kids instead)

From how to create daily structure to which screen time rules to enforce, discover tons of practical tips and helpful advice.

Screen Time for Children: Time Well Spent or a Drain on Brain Capacity & Sleep?

Our children are increasingly fixated by screens, but what is all this screen-worship really doing to their health?

6 Ways to Boost your Immunity

We take a look at the lifestyle choices you can make to actively support and strengthen your immune system to give yourself the best fighting chance to ward off viruses and environmental containments. 

How Serious is the Security Threat Posed by 5G?

In the final instalment of our 5G series we delve into the security risks surrounding the network rollout and take a look at if our human rights are being compromised...

Is 5G Bad for the Environment?

In part three of our 5G series, we take a look at the impact of 5G on animals, birds and insects, as well as on our wider natural environments- with astronomers and meteorologists voicing concerns over their concerns.

Is There Any Evidence that 5G is Harmful to Health?

If we are to believe the world’s telecoms giants - and indeed many respected organisations and governing bodies like Public Health England - then we have nothing to fear from 5G... but dig a little deeper under the surface, and the answer becomes less straightforward.  

5G is No Longer a Far-off Concern for the Future. It’s Already Here.

In a four-part mini-series, we're exploring everything you need to know about the controversial 5G network roll out that’s happening right here, right now. In part one, we take a look at what 5G technology really means.    

Get Well Show 2020

Are you suffering with allergies or chronic pain? Do gut issues get you down? Join us at the Get Well Show to discover real solutions to a range of health problems. Conscious Spaces founder, Tara, is a guest speaker at the show, discussing '5G & Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) - the missing piece of the puzzle in chronic illness?'

How To Manage Endometriosis: The Natural Way

Conscious Spaces Founder, Tara, who has lived with endometriosis for over 20 years, shares her personal suggestions on how to begin to manage this chronic condition's debilitating symptoms - the natural way.    

How To Reduce Your Body’s Toxic Load: Part 4

Learn why you should seriously rethink how you cook your eggs, brush your teeth and store your food if you want to reduce your body’s toxic burden. In Part 4 of our Detox Special, we go into detail about the main toxic offenders in your kitchen. 

How to Reduce Your Body’s Toxic Load: Part 3

Discover how you could do more to support your body’s natural ability to rid itself of harmful chemicals and toxins. Part 3 goes into detail about the importance of a healthy diet, clean water, regular infrared sauna use and reduced EMF exposure.

How to Reduce Your Body’s Toxic Load: Part 2

Have you ever looked at the ingredients list of your exotically scented shampoo, scrutinised the label of your deodorant, or considered what makes your foundation formula so smooth?  If the answer is no, then now might be the time to start taking more notice.

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